HF-4760 (BL3) is a blow modeling grade resin with high-density polyethylene with 1-Butene as co monomer which is manufactured by the suspension polymerization of ethylene monomer. Stiffness, good ESCR are its special properties. High rigidity and good flow ability which made it proper for usage in bottles and small blow goods.

HDPE: HF-4760(BL3)

Density: 0.952-0.956 g/cm3

​MFR 190/5: 0.9-1.5

HDPE  High-Density Polyethylene

: Description of HDPE ( High-Density Polyethylene) Certificate of analysis  HDPE 7000 F Product description

Type: Film Color White application greenhouse film ,goods bag, packing bag , garbage bag,  data sheet Item Test condition Test method Test result Unit Basic characteristics Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) g/10min 190/2.16kg ISO 1133 0.04 g/10min Density 23°C ISO 1183 g/cm3 Tensile Stress at Yield ASTMD-638 250 Kg/cm2 Tensile Stress at Break ASTMD-638 390 Kg/cm2 Elongation at Break ASTMD-638 500 % Izod Impact Strength ASTMD-256 30 Kg./cm Mechanical characteristics Hardness ASTMD 2240 63 Shore D ESCR (environmental stress crack resistance) ASTMD-1693 600 hr Heat capacity Melting point ASTMD-2117 131

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Very low percentage of PVC and it’s not muddy

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